Lesson Plan - WAY TO FITNESS

Today I will be sharing a simple activity. At first, they showed no interest whatsoever in doing the poster that I have assigned them to do in groups, but it changed gradually over the 4-period lesson. 

TASK: Create a poster to either promote a fitness programme such as Zumba to the public


a newly opened gym in town

Preparation before the lesson:
You will need butcher paper (mahjong paper), marker pens, scissors, colour papers, glue and magic pens. 

TIPS: Now, I don't carry boxes around. Rather, I pack all the necessary items into a file bag and just bring it to class. It is way easier and organised because it is easier to keep too when they are done using. I got all the things mentioned from MR DIY. They are reasonably priced.

Before I got them to do on their own, I discussed with the students what to be included in the poster. Some of the information that they will need to put in the poster includes:
  • date
  • time
  • venue
  • organiser
  • sponsorship
  • benefits
  • promotion
  • fee
  • free gifts
  • facilities
  • gym instructors
  • information about the gym/programme
The students work on their poster. It depends on how fast your students are willing to work. Some students can finish within the two hour period. However, for my students, they took three periods for everyone to finish the poster. (I have some students who just refused to work together. But don't let that bug you. Focus on those who have good teamwork and are really working on their posters. That will make you feel better but don't completely ignore those who refuse to work together. Just give them your death stare. It works for me most of the time =D)

After everything is done, students will vote for the best poster and I would be asking questions pertaining the poster just so that everyone is well aware of the information that is available on the poster.


In the following lesson, I decided to use their poster as part of the lesson. So, I pasted all the 5 posters around the class and then got them to choose which programme or fitness centre they would like to join or participate in based on the information on the poster. 

TASK: Write an email to your friend to persuade him/her to join you in one of the fitness programmes. 

I checked their understanding on email writing. So, I wrote an example of an email by prompting them questions to tell me what should be included in the email. While doing that, I extracted the important information from the poster with their help and got them to give me the reasons to support the points that they have taken out from the poster. 

When everything was clear to them, they wrote an email using any of the posters that were around the class in groups in a mahjong paper.

They wrote the email in groups with the help of the notes and example on the board. My job was to go round and help them with sentence forming whenever they needed the extra help. Other than that, I was just monitoring them to ensure that they do not deviate from the main task that they were supposed to do.

I got each group to paste the email that they have written on the board and then I corrected the email together with them. After that, each group copied the corrected version on their foolscap paper. 

Pardon my 'beautiful mess' at the bottom. That is the font's name of my writing! HAHAAHAH!

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