Lesson Plan - WAY TO FITNESS

Today I will be sharing a simple activity. At first, they showed no interest whatsoever in doing the poster that I have assigned them to do in groups, but it changed gradually over the 4-period lesson. 
TASK: Create a poster to either promote a fitness programme such as Zumba to the public
a newly opened gym in town
Preparation before the lesson: You will need butcher paper (mahjong paper), marker pens, scissors, colour papers, glue and magic pens. 
TIPS: Now, I don't carry boxes around. Rather, I pack all the necessary items into a file bag and just bring it to class. It is way easier and organised because it is easier to keep too when they are done using. I got all the things mentioned from MR DIY. They are reasonably priced.
PRE TASK: Before I got them to do on their own, I discussed with the students what to be included in the poster. Some of the information that they will need to put in the poster includes: datetimevenueorganisersponsorshipbenefitspromotionfeefree giftsfacilitie…

Another milestone achieved!

A few days ago, my district celebrated Teacher's Day. Every year, I would be part of the choir team. It has been a tradition for me. I was in since 3 years ago and this year was my fourth year. However, this year was extra special because I did not just go up for singing but for something else as well!!
It was a pleasant surprise when my Guru Penolong Kanan 1 (GPK1) actually nominated me of all the teachers in school for Guru Cemerlang. I filled it in without expecting anything because I was only in my fourth year of service. There were many more teachers out there who were more deserving but I was grateful that they noticed me and went beyond by nominating me for this award. I am truly humbled and couldn't be happier when my principal actually sent me a message with a picture of the award letter. I was over the moon of course! I did not expect it and what's more, it was on Teacher's Day celebration in school when I received the news. Definitely one of the best Teacher&…


This post is going to be dedicated to how you can conduct an oral assessment practice in an effective manner. However, I must say that you can only conduct this with students who have slightly better proficiency because then they would be able to work independently. (Refer to this post to practise PT3 oral assessment for weak students)
Procedure: 1. List down the topics that you want your students to practise on the board. 2. Line your students into two lines (refer to picture below). 3. Explain to them that they will be given a short amount of time to speak. (up to the teacher how           long you want to allow the students to speak. For my class I put the timer at 90 seconds) 4. The students will be facing each other. The reason why they are facing each other so that when      they are talking someone would be listening. So when the timer goes off, the person who was          talking will now be the listener. 5. Teacher would then walk around and monitor the students if they are i…


I received this parcel a while ago but as usual, I am finding it harder to blog what I do in class these days.... Nevertheless, it thrills me to see theoutcome of the travelling notebook! I cannot imagine that both of these travelling notebooks have travelled even to some places that I have never been to like Russia! Being able to see different schools from different parts of the world working together is just amazing! What more, my students are part of this awesome project! Although I must admit that it is a rather time-consuming project and can burn a significant hole in your pocket, it is definitely worth it after looking at the outcome! We started it in 2014 and only ended in 2017. The reason it took so long was because these parcels needed at least two weeks to travel from one place to another. Furthermore, due to the different school holidays that each country had, it also slowed down the process. Besides that, for the students to build each travelling no…

Lesson Plan: The Day the Bulldozers Came

Today I am going to share a simple literature lesson plan on 'The Day the Bulldozers Came' which I have done with my students awhile ago. In my humble opinion, it was engaging. XD

This lesson aims to help them to explore their understanding towards the poem. I am able to do it because this poem is relatively straight forward and the words are not exactly THAT challenging to the point they would give up. It was challenging enough for them to explore on their own with little scaffolding from me. So, before the lesson began, I got them to read the poem at home.

When they came to class the following day, I told them that today they would be exploring the poem on their own before I explained the meaning to them. So, since they were seated in their groups, I just gave them a piece of paper with coloured pictures related to the poem, scissors, glue, coloured pens and drawing blocks for each group.

 These pictures are all taken from Google images. =) I printed out six sets because th…


I was approached by a few publishers but then after expressing their interest, they just disappeared without any response. Finally, one day, another publisher contacted me and here we are, the book is now published! =D I am very stoked to be seeing a workbook with my name on it (albeit so tiny)! 
It is a book which focuses on HOTS questions as the cover suggests without compromising too much on the PT3 format. However, this book does not have novel questions as it was released too late which was not in time for me to write. Hopefully, I'll be able to add in in the next publication if there is any! =D
A new milestone for me and I am very excited to share it with all of you! <3

Post- It Notes Lesson: Tug of War

A few days ago, I stumbled on an activity on Pinterest. I was searching for activities to do with my children and I saw this teacher with many post-it notes on the board. It got me interested because my previous lesson with post-it notes was a success. Click here if you have not seen the activity. Hence, I wanted to use post-it notes again in a meaningful manner.
The name of the activity is called Tug of War because there are two sides of an argument and those with the most points will win the game!=)Therefore, this activity is extremely suitable if you are going to teach them argumentative essays, debate or just as simple as getting them to think from two perspectives. It really got my students thinking unknowingly. All they could think of was to win the other party. I came up with a question - Who do you think is better? On both ends, there would be 'Boys are better than girls' and 'Girls are better than boys'. 
Note: The statements given by the teachers play an impo…